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  • What type of massage should I get?
    Relaxation massage is recommended if: This is your first massage You don't want to experience any pain or soreness during or after the massage Your main goal is to relax Sports/deep tissue massage is recommended if: You have specific pain or tightness that needs to be addressed You prefer firm pressure Your main goal is pain relief, increased range of motion, and/or tension relief
  • What length of massage should I get?
    A 90 minute massage is almost always recommended. It allows plenty of time for you to become completely relaxed if receiving a relaxation massage. Otherwise, it gives ample time to work out your ailments during a deep tissue/sports massage. If it is your first massage, you may want to do 60 minutes as an introduction to massage.
  • What should I do before and after the massage?
    Drinking water before and after the massage is very important. This allows your body to better flush out the "toxins" as you relax and tension is released. After the massage, it is suggested to take it easy and not do anything too strenuous. A hot shower or bath afterwards is a great way to extend the relaxing vibes and keep the muscles warm and loose.
  • How much do I undress?
    It is totally up to you on this one. Some people feel more comfortable completely nude, while others prefer to leave on their undergarments. Either way, private areas are always covered during a massage.
  • Is there special schooling/licensing to become a massage therapist?
    Absolutely! Professional massage therapists go through a year-long certification program at an accredited institution. They are also required to pass a background check and a licensing exam conducted by the state. Continuing education is required (by most states) to maintain a massage therapist license as well.
  • What if I am sore or injured after a massage?
    Soreness is common following a massage, sometimes 1-2 days later. This is most common after a sports or deep tissue massage. If you feel you were injured from a massage, contact us immediately so we can discuss it with you. Mollify is insured and will work to resolve any issue thought to be caused by one of our services.
  • Do people fall asleep during massage?
    It happens all the time! Due to the relaxing nature of massage, people often find themselves drifting in and out of sleep during a treatment.
  • What if I toot?
    It is common to pass gas during a massage. There is no need to be embarrassed. This means that you and your digestive system are relaxed.
  • Should I tip my massage therapist?
    Tips are always appreciated, but not necessary. The full cost of the service goes directly to the massage therapist, and is priced fairly so that a tip is not needed. At establishments like hotels or massage chains, a tip is customary because that massage therapist gets a fraction of what is charged.
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